wednesday, 07.09.2016

it’s half past four in the morning when i splash some cold water in my face. we’ll have to catch the train to munich at 5:24. after a shower, some tea and muesli my boyfriend and me took the fast train to munich central station. we bought some food and drinks and headed to our train that’ll leave at 6:17. the train was quite crowded – a lot of early birds out there i assume 😉

after sitting down we ate some of our food for breakfast and relaxed for a bit. i read a bit and looked outside as the sun began to rise.

we had to change train in hannover but as usual the train was delayed so we couldn’t catch our connecting train to amsterdam… but that wasn’t a big problem for us to be honest as it was pretty hot outside and we could walk through hannover and ate our lunch 🙂



two hours later we sat in our train; we arrived at about five pm at amsterdam central station.



another fifteen minutes later we finally could lay down in our b&b and have some rest. we got ready to get a first impression of the city and to have dinner of course 😉 we ate at a spanish restaurant near the canals. later we took the last canal tour possible; it was simply awesome to see the city from this side. at night, dipped in all the lights, and from the water. there was an audio you could listen to on the inside of the boat but we decided to skip this and go to the outside.



having seen lots of the city by then and as we were quite exhausted from the long day we just fell in our beds afterwards.

love, johannapauline