tuesday 27.09.2016, 22:15
the sky is dark. i’m looking outside the window, my hand is clinging to my passport and my ticket. i’m so excited, i can’t wait. i’m curious how it will be, what it’ll look like, how the people are. but on the other hand i’m also nervous. and sad. i just said goodbye to my closest friends and my family. my dad will be with me for the first days. and i’m really glad about that.img_3565the plane starts. it’s 22:35. my stomach starts to grumble. after some minutes a big smile spreads over my face. that’s the start of this journey. i can’t wait to be there.
wednesday 28.09.2016, 6:30
we arrived in dubai at 6:30 – well, actually about 4:30 for us because of the time shift – and ate breakfast. img_3580
after that we strolled through the airport as we had lots of time. we didn’t sleep that well/at all at the plane so we were obviously pretty tired. i’m not sure whether that was the reason we were kinda lost at the airport or whether it was because the airport in dubai is so big and confusing 😉
nevertheless we finally managed to find our gate (which was in a different building) and a snack and some coffee before we took the bus to our connecting plane. only five hours until we’ll be in nepal!
about five hours later we were in nepal! we were picked up there and a driver brough us to the children’s home where we will stay. the children were so excited – and so was i. they made you feel welcome the second you saw their smiling faces. we played some games with them and had some dinner.
but as we were so tired from our journey we went to bed pretty soon.