thursday 29.09.2016, about half past eight
sweet nepali masala chai warms up my body. it’s the most common tea here, next to simple black tea. we have breakfast at a coffee shop about five minutes away from our home. it’s really hot outside, close to 30 degrees.
afterwards we decided to visit the school i’m going to teach the next couple of months to say hello and to have a look around.
with a big smile on their faces the children grabbed your hand while throwing questions at you the minute they saw you. dscf4189
then the principal asked me whether i would like to teach right a head. so well, i tought three classes this day; well, most of all i was answering questions and revising what they’ve learned last year 😉
in the afternoon we drove to thamel, which is one of the neighborhoods of kathmadu but also the most touristic one.
we strolled through the streets, bought some trekking stuff for me and ate a continental restaurant which had a nice roof terrace to sit on (well, actually every house there has one so there are lots of   rooftop cafés which i think is awesome!).
as the people here go to bed/at home quite early and the cafés and restaurant are all closing down between seven and half past eight we took a taxi back home too 🙂
after some games the children went to bed, i said good night to em and walked to my room. even though i was so tired, i could n’t sleep due to the time shift ( in germany it would be about 3:45 hours earlier…) so i read my book until i fell asleep.