friday 30.09.2016, 7 am

after breakfast with the children from the children’s home i go to the school with them to teach some german again 🙂

at eleven my dad will pick me up with a friend because we would like to visit one of the three medieval city-states ‘bhaktapur’. dscf4244


you got to pay to get in there but it is worth it. this is ‘durbar square’, you step on it the second you go through the gate.


those windows are called ‘the eyes’ as you can see as good as everything from the inside but it is hard to see through from the outside. as you can see in this picture every temple is decorated with those fantastic wood carving


these sculptures were made by an artist whose hands were cut off after he’s finished his work. the king didn’t want him to be able to make the exact sculpture again…

at this place the king used to wash himself. as you may notice there are a lot of snakes around this ‘pool’. this animal was supposed not to let the bad things inside. as the washing was / is something clean, pure and fresh the snakes made sure nothing evil or dirty would disturb this 😉



this temple is on taumadhi square – the actual center of bhaktapur. on the picture you can see the temple ‘nyatapola’ which is the biggest one of nepal.


we continued walking when it started to heavily. actually the monsoon time is over but now it is still raining some time. so we stood in an alleyway, waiting until the rain stops.

after it stopped we started walking again towards a manufacture that produces handmade paper. first we looked around the store and then the owner showed us how they make it. that is so awesome to watch!!

i’ll link my video where you can see how they do it from minute 2:20 till 4:20.

one thing that i think is really amazing and worth mentioning is that the paper developed its own poison so no mosquito will destroy it!