saturday 1.10.2016, half past six
way too early. after a cold shower and a black tea my body started to wake up.
our driver picked us up an hour later to bring us to boudhanath, the most famous stupa in kathmandu and the largest spherical stupa of nepal.
we met up with someone and walked around the stupa. as a result of the earthquake the stupa has to be renovated a lot.
around the stupa are lots of shops, cafés and restaurants arranged like a ring. between the shops and the stupa one can walk around which is pretty nice to do 🙂
about half an hour later
the driver took us to sankhu, a small town located in the north-east of Kathmandu Valley and about 17 km from the capital city. we drove up the hill as far as possible and walked the rest. the view was amazing! from here we could see down to kathmandu.
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but the earthquake had a bad effect on most of the houses here too; lots of them fell down completely, some were rebuild provisionally, some weren’t, others are dangerous to live in and only a few could be saved.
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after a while we went back to the stupa to have lunch. we ate at a vegan restaurant which has a nice backyard to sit in.



we walked around the stupa again and bought some bracelets and a singing bowl 😉
after strolling around for a while we had some delicious cakes and coffee at the himalayan java coffee shop (

cheesecake and brownie – awesome.