sunday 2.10.2016, about eight o’clock
patan – the oldest medieval city-state. you can walk through the city for free, but if you want to go inside the old buildings and museum – what you really should do – you have to pay. but once again – it’s worth it.dscf4392 dscf4395

the buildings are similar to the ones in bhaktapur but still amazing to look at.

dscf4394 dscf4407

there’s a big museum diversity – from wood carving to buddhism and hinduism.

dscf4430 dscf4435
we ate at the museums’ cafe which is located in a quiet and beautiful flowered backyard. the food was great! but even though we were used to wait about ten times longer for our food and drinks as it would actually take to make and bring them it was annoying because we were so hungry! so note down: if you ever want to eat in nepal, make sure you don’t go there starving or without having loooots of time 😉


club sandwich and green tea.

club sandwich and green tea.

after visiting the museums we walked through the city before we finally went home.dscf4444