monday 3.10.2016, half past nine

dead people are not buried here – they are burned in special places, like pashupatinath. that’s where we are going today.

those who are burned and whose ash is strew into the river has a better chance to be reborn.  the oldest son light up the fire by setting fire to a bunch of straw in the mouth of the dead body.


the fire is supposed to clean the body


there is a little hill you can walk up and you definitely should! from there you have a stunning view!! we sat down, enjoyed and relaxed for quite a while.
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at the other side of the river are little markets where you can buy as good as exact the same things on every booth 😉


this place is really nice and awesome to look around. highly recommended by me 😉

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after couple of hours we asked the driver to bring us to thamel, where we had a coffee in ‘himalayan java coffee shop’ and afterwards pizza in the pizzeria ‘ice and fire’.