it’s a quarter to six when my alarm started to disturb my sleep. but i had to get up – my bus to pokhara will leave soon! i packed the rest of my things and sagar (my tour guide) picked up around half past six.

although the distance to pokhara is only 200 km it took us eight really bumpy hours to get there…. ^^

from my hotel room i had a good view, i could see some of  the himalayan mountains.


after dinner in a beautiful backyard restaurant we strolled through the streets for  a while before we went back to the hotel.


tuesday, 18.10.2016

i had to wake up the same time i did yesterday. the breakfast was alright; as i prefer a “sweet” breakfast i went for some toast and jam; but for some reason the jam tastes like dough everywhere! ^^

we had to take a jeep for about an hour to bring us to the starting point where i got my entry permit and registration card.


our first stop will be in ghandrung, which is located at about 1900 meters above sea level – which means that we’ll have to trek about 1000 meters in altitude. it took us about seven to eight hours to get there – we had lunch break and several tea breaks as well so it wasn’t too bad 😉 – and i was surprised to realize that my body actually starts cooling down when i drink tea in this heat!

mulis :)

mules 🙂



the children are always posing the second they see a camera 😀


i was glad when we finally reached ghandrung and our lodge there! after dinner, a lot of tea, some nice conversations with other german trekkers and a shower i went to bed. but it was hard to fall asleep – even though me being really tired – because the walls are very thin and it was quite noisy in the lodge.


wednesday, 19.10.2016

it’s half past five and freaking cold outside. i had some tea and porridge to warm me up. we ate outside, as the sun started to rise soon and the view was really nice.



today we won’t walk as much as yesterday – it’ll only be about four hours. most of the time we trek though the forest, and as there is so much water and – obviously – mostly shade it was quite cold and moist.


during our lunch break it started to rain so we had to wait for a while. but we couldn’t avoid it forever so we started with light rain which turned out the get heavier and heavier. i was so happy when we reached tadapani, where we stayed for the night. we were lucky – we got one of the last rooms there! this village was really crowded but there weren’t enough rooms so some had to sleep in the dining room…

our room wasn’t cozy at all – it reminded me of a cubby. in return the dining room was very nice. a big oven, a long table, a lot of pillows and nice people. i spent the afternoon playing cards and talking to two french and two swedish trekkers, always having a cup of fresh ginger or mint tea in my hand.



thursday, 20.10.2016

i woke up a lot in the nights. at about six o’clock i usually got up like a lot of others did. the sky was quite clear this morning what allowed us to see the mountains and the sunrise.


after breakfast (porridge and pancakes) we decamped to our next station: ghorepani.

today we walk a lot down just to go it all back up again 😉 that’s why we only managed about 200 meters in altitude in about five hours ^^ on the way we passed a place where a lot of different sized stones were piled up. it is supposed to bring you luck to build one, so i made a pile 😉


two tea and one lunch break later we arrived in ghoreponi. we strolled through the village which is – compared to the other villages – quite big. we had come coffee and cinnamon rolls in a ‘international bakery’ ( i ordered a cappuccino which was basically an americano with some milk and spices like cinnamon, cardamon,.. but good anyway 😉 )img_4291-1

we stayed at the ‘sunny hotel’ and i really liked the room! it was the best so far – big beds, light, big  and without any unwanted roomies – well, i couldn’t see them at least… 😉

and the best: while i was talking to two german trekkers from berlin i suddenly saw a friend who i met in kathmandu just a few days ago – i was so happy! she goes for the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) – a different trek than mine. what an awesome coincidence! we talked a lot, and together with our guides, the german trekkers and another girl (from holland i reckon…) we played a nepali card game, had dinner and a lot of tea of course 😉


friday, 21.10.2016

4:20 – way too early. and way too cold. i wore as good as everything that i put in my backpack (thick socks, legging, thin sweatpants, thick sweatpants, a top, a long sleeve, a thin jumper, a thick jumper, down jacket and a headband) but i wanted to see the sunrise from the top of poon hill which is said to be an experience one shouldn’t miss. together with tons of others we walked up the hill. about one and a half hour later we reached the top – 3210 meters over the sea level. i got some hot chocolate and biscuits as i hadn’t had breakfast so far. we were lucky – the sky was clear and we had an amazing view.

dscf5125 dscf5124 dscf5105dscf5093 dscf5151

at about seven o’clock we walked back to the lodge to have breakfast (muesli and toast with: peanut butter!!!)

unfortunately we had to go back down today. i loved the last days and i was o tempted to continue, to go higher. but well, i guess i have to come back again for another trek.

obviously walking downstairs isn’t as exhausting as walking upstairs but my legs hurt so much more than before. our last destination was hille, a really sweet village, where we played cards again and had some ‘goodnight tea’ 😉


saturday, 22.10.2016

we arrived pretty fast at the check – out point and took the local bus back to pokhara.


after lunch and a massage we went to the lakeside at pokhara where we rent a rowing boat.


we still had plenty of time so we walked at the promenade and had some milkshakes and a caramel slices.  the city itself is really nice. there are lots of shops, but they offer quite different stuff whereas in kathamndu you can find as good as the exact same stuff at every second shop 😉 but despite the tourists pokhara is peaceful and close to quite.

in the evening we met up with some other people and went to the ‘busy bee’ which is an incredibly cool bar with live music. it was a cool ending of my trip 🙂


sunday, 23.10.2016

i almost overslept this morning, but i hurried and had breakfast in time. this morning the buffet was already open (when we arrived the first time we had to order from the menu) and the food was pretty good 🙂

we took the bus back to kathmandu, but unfortunately the air condition wasn’t working so it was pretty hot obviously… 😉

eight hours later i opened the door to my room.