the most eaten food in nepal is ‘dal bhat’; rice with lentil soup and vegetables. at the orphanage we get it for breakfast before school at about half past eight, in the holidays and on saturday at about ten o’clock. the next meal will be at three o’clock in the afternoon and dinner is served at seven o’clock. sometimes we get something else for lunch like omelets, yoghurt with bananas, pancakes or tea with biscuits. but usually its dal bhat.


one of their favorite food is ‘momo’. its similar to ravioli and i love it!


unfortunately its really hard to get good fruits. you have to be really careful, and i hardly order fruit salads in restaurants or cafés (i only had one in the himalayan java coffee shop) apples and bananas can be bought as good as everywhere although i’m also careful with that. i only buy it in big supermarkets and to be honest: the apples are eatable whereas bananas usually don’t taste good. and don’t buy fruits that a) you can not peel or b) are already peeled and chopped.


himalayan java

himalayan java

himalayan java

when i’m at a restaurant i always try not or – depending on how the restaurant or cafe looks like – eat less meat. the electricity is usually not working for a couple of hours each day so the meat will not be cooled in the meantime; but as i mentioned, it depends on the restaurant, some do have an emergency generator.


himalayan java – bacon and eggs

water and milk should always be boiled properly. the milk is usually not pasteurized and the water is not always filtered properly. that’s why you should also avoid ice cubes in cheap or normal cafés as you never know whether they use tap water or filtered water for that.

one thing that i thought is really funny is that most of the ‘cafés’ usually simply offer rice or noodles but hardly sweet pastries… 😉

but anyway, those ‘rules’ are just a guideline, and its no guarantee that you’ll never get sick. even though im pretty careful with what i eat and where i got an infect nevertheless 😉 and i do eat meat or fruits sometimes, just because i need it! 😉


  • himalayan java coffee shop really good coffee, cakes, breakfast and sandwiches. one of the rare places that provide good wifi in kathmandu!

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  • path kath the cafe itself reminds me of a big tree house; the owner is french – so they offer galettes, french toast, croissants as well as other international food. it’s a cool places with relaxing reggae/hip hop music.

 img_5347 img_5362

  • or2k this is a vegetarian restaurant. the first thing you do when you come there is taking off your shoes and sit on a big pillow on the floor. the atmosphere is calmed and cozy, the food is really good 🙂 HINT: if you just want to get some food to go the have a small falafel booth on the ground floor; the food tastes the same but you get it for half the price 😉


  • fire and ice this pizzeria was founded by an italian woman who married a nepali man; their children run this restaurant by now, so the pizza is – obviously – awesome! wifi there is alright, the atmosphere is really nice, lots of tourists go there. but it is really pricy, pizzas start at about 7 euros – going up. but its worth it!


  • roadhouse you’ll find this restaurant quite often in kathmandu, i’ve only been there once; they serve international food as well, the food is good but you have to wait long for your meal 😉 
  • bliss – a vegan restaurant in a quiet backyard at the boudhanath stupa. they have a changing carte for everyday. you can usually choose between 3-4 different meals a day. and they have awesome freshly pressed juices! it’s also a bit mor expensive than the ‘normal’ restaurants in kathmandu, but you can be sure that you’ll get high quality food there! it’ one of my favorite places here 🙂 the wifi is all working pretty good, but sometimes i had to wait  for my food a while… 

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    • ktm burrito – cheap and good burritos to go. they are at the mandala street on the ground floor of the himalayan java
  • jatra it’s a really nice bar/restaurant with live music. they offer typical nepali meals as well as international food 🙂

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  • richmond food café – its outside thamel, near where i live. although they don’t have wifi i come here sometimes for a lassi and / or meal and reading my book or writing my diary 🙂 

its hard to find places with good or working wifi. a lot of places attract tourists by saying they’d have wifi. but often it is broken or simply not working or just slow as hell. i’m quite lucky – the place where i live has acceptable wifi, sometimes i can even use netflix. and i just found out that the schools wifi is really fast – but i can’t come here every day to upload videos or blog entries obviously 😉
i mentioned good wifi – places in the restaurant list before; but i’m sure there are also other places which provide good wifi that i just haven’t discovered yet 🙂
so if you’re in kathmandu or if you’ve been there and know any other places which have good food and/or wifi – please let me know!